Shaun Marsh

Name: Shaun Marsh
Nationality: Australia
Other Name: SE Marsh
Role: Batsman
Born: 09-July-1983
Batting Style: LHB
Bowling Style: Slow left-arm orthodox


Test 38 68 2 2265 182 34.31 5165 43.85 6 10
ODI 73 72 4 2773 151 40.77 3406 81.41 7 15
T20I 15 15 1 255 47* 18.21 248 102.82 0 0
T20 196 193 24 6424 115 38.01 5009 128.24 2 50
List A 170 166 11 6835 186 44.09 8454 80.84 18 36
First Class 171 302 31 11383 214 42.00 23521 48.39 31 54


Test 38 0 0 0 0 0
ODI 73 0 0 0 0 0
T20I 15 0 0 0 0 0
T20 196 2 2 13 0 6.50 0 0
List A 170 0 6 31 1 1/14 31.00 5.16 36.0 0 0
First Class 171 0 36 155 2 2/20 77.50 4.30 108.0 0 0

Who is Shaun Marsh?

The former Cricket Player Shaun Marsh is a brilliant player from Australia. He is also called SE Marsh. Coming to Shaun Marsh role in cricket, he is a former Batsman of Country, and his batting style is LHB.Shaun Marsh was born on 09-July-1983.

Shaun Marsh Information

Talking about Shaun Marsh, His results in the Cricket history were inspiring as he managed to beat the opponent team. His score was tremendous in the last league match to help Australia record a victory against the opponent team. Shaun Marsh proved his support and led his team from the front to emerge as the highest run-getter and ended the tournament on a high. The next few years saw his batting form decline and that took a bit of a toll on his captaincy

Shaun Marsh Batting, Scores in Test Matches

Shaun Marsh has been part of 38 test matches, and also he has been part of 73 ODI matches. In the test match, the number of innings scored by Shaun Marsh is 68 and he has scored 2265 runs in test matches. As per the records, Shaun Marsh Highest Score (HS) in Test matches is 182, Shaun Marsh batting AVG score is 34.31 and the balls faced in test matches are 5165. Well coming to the Shaun Marsh Batting Strike rate, the batsman has scored 43.85 strike rate (SR). In Test cricket, the strike rate of a batsman is of secondary importance to his capacity to score runs without getting out

Shaun Marsh in ODI Matches

A One Day International is a type of limited cricket overs, played between two teams with international status, in which each side faces a fixed number of overs. Now coming to Shaun Marsh in ODI, he has been part of 73 matches and has scored 2773 runs followed by 72 innings, 151 highest score. How is the NO for Shaun Marsh in ODI matches? In ODI matches Shaun Marsh Not Out stands as 4. In cricket, a batsman is considered as not out till he stands at the full innings. The highest strike rate by Shaun Marsh in ODI is 81.41, and the number of balls faced by Shaun Marsh in ODI matches is 3406.

Shaun Marsh and his achievements in T20I

Twenty20 International is a form of cricket played by two international members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in which each side faces a maximum of twenty overs. The matches are top-class and are the highest level for the T20. Let's check out the Shaun Marsh T20I achievements. The number of matches played by .Shaun Marsh. in T20 international matches is recorded as 15, and the number of innings is 15 He scored 255 in T20I. The Highest Score obtained by Shaun Marsh in T20I is 47*

Shaun Marsh Runs, Strike Rate in T20

Twenty-20, is a condensed cricket format. It was primarily introduced at the professional level by the England and Wales Cricket Board for the inter-county competition in 2003. Now its time to check out Shaun Marsh's overall history in T20. In 196 T20 matches, we were able to see Shaun Marsh, and through his amazing batting, he was able to score 6424 runs, and his average score per innings is 38.01. The number of 100s and 50s he scored in T20 was a great moment for the team.

First Class

First-class cricket is a type of game in which teams of a high standard are considered to play. At international level, test cricket is first-class; the term" first-class "is commonly applied only to domestic matches. Here is the complete list of Shaun Marsh in First Class game. Number of Matches - 171, Innings - 302, NotOut - 31, Runs - 11383, HS - 214, BF - 23521, SR - 48.39, 100s - 31, 50s - 54

Shaun Marsh as a Bowler

Shaun Marsh is not only a batsman but a good bowler too. His bowling has a special trick to cut off the opponent team. Coming to his Bowling history, he has been part of many Test matches, ODI, T20I and T20. Get the complete details about Shaun Marsh bowling here.His bowling was an important picture in Test matches. He was given a chance to bowl in 38 Test Matches, 73 ODI matches, 196 T20 matches and 15 T20I matches.