United States of America Women vs Canada Women, 1st T20I, ICC Women's T20 World Cup Americas Region Qualifier 2022

Completed ICC Women's T20 World Cup Americas Region Qualifier
United States of America Women
67/0 (10 ov)
Canada Women
66/6 (20 ov)
USA Women won by 10 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
Miryam Khokharb L Ramjit02000.00
b L Ramjit
Achini Pererac SK Chandhrasekar b S Ramautar21461045.65
c SK Chandhrasekar b S Ramautar
Kamna Mirchandanirunout (NT Gruny)24520046.15
runout (NT Gruny)
Chuntell Martinb L Ramjit470057.14
b L Ramjit
Mahewish Khanrunout (C Beckford)340075.00
runout (C Beckford)
Saniyah Ziab C Beckford150020.00
b C Beckford
Habeeba BaderNot out120050.00
Not out
Hiba ShamshadNot out230066.66
Not out
Extra10 (b 10, w 4, nb 1, lb 0)
Total66/6 (20 ov)
Lisa Ramjit41521.25
Claudine Beckford41912.25
Sara Farooq401303.25
Uzma Iftikhar401503.75
Samantha Ramautar301615.33
Onika Wallerson10303.00
Fall of wickets: Miryam Khokhar - 0.2 ov,   Achini Perera - 16.2 ov,   Kamna Mirchandani - 17.1 ov,   Chuntell Martin - 18.1 ov,   Mahewish Khan - 18.6 ov,   Saniyah Zia - 19.1 ov,  
Erica RendlerNot out473590134.28
Not out
Sugetha ChandhrasekarNot out15250060.00
Not out
Extra5 (b 5, w 4, nb 0, lb 1)
Total67/0 (10 ov)
Saniyah Zia201407.00
Chuntell Martin10505.00
Mahewish Khan201507.50
Achini Perera201105.50
Hiba Shamshad201105.50
Kamna Mirchandani1010010.00
Fall of wickets:

Man of the Match

Erica Rendler

Match Details

17 May 2019 08:30 PM
Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf Ground, Lauderhill, Lauderhill
United States of America Women won the toss & elected to field
Jacqueline Williams (West Indies), Arnold Maddela (Canada)
TV Umpires
Sameer Bandekar (United States of America, TV)
Match Referee
Reon King (West Indies)