United Arab Emirates Under-19s vs Canada Under-19s, 13th Place Play-off, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2022

Completed ICC Under-19 World Cup
United Arab Emirates Under-19s
174/10 (44.1 ov)
Canada Under-19s
180/6 (42.2 ov)
Canada U19 won by 4 wickets (with 46 balls remaining)
Aryan Lakrarunout (A Deosammy)130033.33
runout (A Deosammy)
Vriitya Aravindc A Deosammy b Akhil Kumar25493051.02
c A Deosammy b Akhil Kumar
Figy Johnlbw b Muhammad Kamal01000.00
lbw b Muhammad Kamal
Ansh Tandonlbw b Akhil Kumar24483050.00
lbw b Akhil Kumar
Kai Smithc Muhammad Kamal b Gurjot Gosal16242066.66
c Muhammad Kamal b Gurjot Gosal
Alishan SharafuNot out65737189.04
Not out
Osama Hassanc Benjamin Calitz b Gurjot Gosal03000.00
c Benjamin Calitz b Gurjot Gosal
Karthik Meiyappanb Akhil Kumar25353071.42
b Akhil Kumar
Sanchit Sharmab Udaybir Walia5120041.66
b Udaybir Walia
Rishabh Mukherjeec RR Joshi b Udaybir Walia4110036.36
c RR Joshi b Udaybir Walia
Akasha Tahirc RR Joshi b Udaybir Walia260033.33
c RR Joshi b Udaybir Walia
Extra7 (b 7, w 6, nb 0, lb 0)
Total174/10 (44.1 ov)
Rishiv Joshi912302.55
Muhammad Kamal502615.20
Gurjot Gosal1013623.60
Akhil Kumar1003733.70
Harmanjeet Singh Bedi703505.00
Udaybir Walia3.101635.05
Fall of wickets: Aryan Lakra - 1.1 ov,   Figy John - 1.6 ov,   Vriitya Aravind - 12.3 ov,   Ansh Tandon - 20.3 ov,   Kai Smith - 21.5 ov,   Osama Hassan - 23.2 ov,   Karthik Meiyappan - 33.5 ov,   Sanchit Sharma - 38.2 ov,   Rishabh Mukherjee - 42.2 ov,   Akasha Tahir - 44.1 ov,  
Nicholas Manoharb Aryan Lakra20253080.00
b Aryan Lakra
Randhir Sandhuc K Meiyappan b Rishabh Mukherjee8162050.00
c K Meiyappan b Rishabh Mukherjee
Akhil Kumarc Akasha Tahir b Rishabh Mukherjee37634058.73
c Akasha Tahir b Rishabh Mukherjee
Mihir Patelb K Meiyappan10201050.00
b K Meiyappan
Benjamin Calitzc V Aravind b Rishabh Mukherjee2100020.00
c V Aravind b Rishabh Mukherjee
Ashtan Deosammyc A Sharafu b Aryan Lakra360050.00
c A Sharafu b Aryan Lakra
Harmanjeet Singh BediNot out31592052.54
Not out
Udaybir WaliaNot out51562491.07
Not out
Extra18 (b 18, w 13, nb 1, lb 2)
Total180/6 (42.2 ov)
Akasha Tahir712904.14
Sanchit Sharma401904.75
Rishabh Mukherjee1005535.50
Aryan Lakra1013523.50
Karthik Meiyappan1012712.70
Ansh Tandon1.201108.25
Fall of wickets: Randhir Sandhu - 5.2 ov,   Nicholas Manohar - 8.6 ov,   Mihir Patel - 17.1 ov,   Benjamin Calitz - 20.2 ov,   Ashtan Deosammy - 22.5 ov,   Akhil Kumar - 24.1 ov,  

Man of the Match

Udaybir Walia

Match Details

01 February 2020 01:30 PM
Witrand Cricket Field, Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom
Canada Under-19s won the toss & elected to field
Leslie Reifer (West Indies), Bongani Jele (South Africa)
TV Umpires
Match Referee
Graeme Labrooy (Sri Lanka)