Roma Capannelle Cricket Club vs Brescia Cricket Club, Match 14, ECS Rome T10 2022

Completed ECS Rome T10
Roma Capannelle Cricket Club
61/8 (10 ov)
Brescia Cricket Club
145/6 (10 ov)
Brescia Cricket Club won by 84 runs.
Babar Hussainc Ion Racila b Reddy Vajrala401643250.00
c Ion Racila b Reddy Vajrala
Yasir Nawazc Michele Morettini b Reddy Vajrala341533226.66
c Michele Morettini b Reddy Vajrala
Shadnan Khanc Leandro Jayarajah b Reddy Vajrala301042300.00
c Leandro Jayarajah b Reddy Vajrala
Qulb Sajjadc Sumair Ali b Zaryan Ijaz570071.42
c Sumair Ali b Zaryan Ijaz
Naveed Chaudharyc Dane Kirby b Vikram Sharda11411275.00
c Dane Kirby b Vikram Sharda
Basharat Alic Leandro Jayarajah b Zaryan Ijaz13611216.66
c Leandro Jayarajah b Zaryan Ijaz
Ammad KhanNot out7201350.00
Not out
Extra5 (b 5, w 5, nb 0, lb 0)
Total145/6 (10 ov)
Michele Morettini2036018.00
Vikram Sharda2030115.00
Kevin Kekulawala2033016.50
Reddy Vajrala2022311.00
Sumair Ali1014014.00
Zaryan Ijaz1010210.00
Fall of wickets: Babar Hussain - 4.2 ov,   Shadnan Khan - 6.4 ov,   Yasir Nawaz - 6.5 ov,   Naveed Chaudhary - 7.5 ov,   Qulb Sajjad - 9.2 ov,   Basharat Ali - 9.6 ov,  
Sumair Alic Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali11701157.14
c Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali
Reddy Vajralac Naseer Hussain b Javed Muhammaad131311100.00
c Naseer Hussain b Javed Muhammaad
Kevin Kekulawalac Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali130033.33
c Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali
Dane Kirbyc Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali141111127.27
c Imran Naveed b Basharat Ali
Zaryan Ijazb Imran Naveed8130061.54
b Imran Naveed
Suresh Antonb Imad Khan130033.33
b Imad Khan
Emi GhulamNot out10710142.86
Not out
Michele Morettinic Javed Muhammaad b Imad Khan120050.00
c Javed Muhammaad b Imad Khan
Vikram Shardarunout (Naseer Hussain)120050.00
runout (Naseer Hussain)
Leandro JayarajahNot out00000.00
Not out
Extra1 (b 1, w 0, nb 1, lb 0)
Total61/8 (10 ov)
Javed Muhammaad201216.00
Shadnan Khan1011011.00
Basharat Ali20934.50
Imran Naveed201015.00
Ammad Khan10909.00
Imad Khan201025.00
Fall of wickets: Reddy Vajrala - 2.6 ov,   Sumair Ali - 3.3 ov,   Kevin Kekulawala - 3.6 ov,   Dane Kirby - 6.4 ov,   Suresh Anton - 7.5 ov,   Zaryan Ijaz - 8.5 ov,   Michele Morettini - 9.1 ov,   Vikram Sharda - 9.5 ov,  

Match Details

03 September 2020 05:30 PM
Roma Capannelle Cricket Club won the toss & elected to field
TV Umpires
Match Referee