New Zealand vs England, 2nd Test, England tour of New Zealand 2023

Completed England tour of New Zealand
New Zealand
278/10 (93.3 ov) & 256/8 (124.4 ov)
307/10 (96.5 ov) & 352/9d (106.4 ov)
Match drawn
Alastair Cookb TA Boult270028.57
b TA Boult
Mark Stonemanc Tom Latham b TG Southee351114031.53
c Tom Latham b TG Southee
James Vincelbw b TG Southee18413043.90
lbw b TG Southee
Joe Rootb TG Southee37635058.73
b TG Southee
Dawid Malanlbw b TA Boult01000.00
lbw b TA Boult
Ben Stokesc BJ Watling b TA Boult25634039.68
c BJ Watling b TA Boult
Jonny Bairstowc R Taylor b TA Boult10117011159.41
c R Taylor b TA Boult
Stuart Broadc IS Sodhi b TG Southee561083.33
c IS Sodhi b TG Southee
Mark Woodb TG Southee52627183.87
b TG Southee
Jack Leachc BJ Watling b TG Southee16542029.62
c BJ Watling b TG Southee
James AndersonNot out04000.00
Not out
Extra16 (b 16, w 1, nb 1, lb 5)
Total307/10 (96.5 ov)
Trent Boult28.558743.01
Tim Southee2676262.38
Colin de Grandhomme1744402.58
Neil Wagner2056903.45
Ish Sodhi503106.20
Fall of wickets: Alastair Cook - 2.4 ov,   James Vince - 16.1 ov,   Joe Root - 35.6 ov,   Dawid Malan - 36.5 ov,   Mark Stoneman - 37.2 ov,   Ben Stokes - 58.6 ov,   Stuart Broad - 61.6 ov,   Mark Wood - 79.6 ov,   Jack Leach - 95.2 ov,   Jonny Bairstow - 96.5 ov,  
Jeet Ravalc JM Bairstow b James Anderson5150033.33
c JM Bairstow b James Anderson
Tom Lathamc JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad03000.00
c JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad
Kane Williamsonc JM Bairstow b James Anderson22481045.83
c JM Bairstow b James Anderson
Ross Taylorc AN Cook b Stuart Broad2130015.38
c AN Cook b Stuart Broad
Henry Nichollslbw b Stuart Broad07000.00
lbw b Stuart Broad
BJ Watlingb James Anderson8522011138.63
b James Anderson
Colin de Grandhommec JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad721517047.68
c JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad
Tim Southeeb James Anderson504881104.16
b James Anderson
Ish Sodhic JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad170014.28
c JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad
Neil WagnerNot out24272188.88
Not out
Trent Boultc DJ Malan b Stuart Broad16221072.72
c DJ Malan b Stuart Broad
Extra1 (b 1, w 0, nb 0, lb 1)
Total278/10 (93.3 ov)
James Anderson2457643.16
Stuart Broad22.355462.40
Mark Wood2136903.28
Jack Leach1935202.73
Joe Root10909.00
Ben Stokes621702.83
Fall of wickets: Tom Latham - 1.3 ov,   Jeet Raval - 4.1 ov,   Ross Taylor - 7.1 ov,   Henry Nicholls - 9.2 ov,   Kane Williamson - 19.1 ov,   Colin de Grandhomme - 69.2 ov,   BJ Watling - 82.1 ov,   Ish Sodhi - 83.6 ov,   Tim Southee - 86.3 ov,   Trent Boult - 93.3 ov,  
Alastair Cookc BJ Watling b TA Boult14262053.84
c BJ Watling b TA Boult
Mark Stonemanc BJ Watling b TG Southee601396043.16
c BJ Watling b TG Southee
James Vincec R Taylor b TA Boult7612810059.37
c R Taylor b TA Boult
Joe Rootc BJ Watling b N Wagner541284042.18
c BJ Watling b N Wagner
Dawid Malanc HM Nicholls b C Grandhomme531057050.47
c HM Nicholls b C Grandhomme
Ben Stokesc JA Raval b C Grandhomme12212057.14
c JA Raval b C Grandhomme
Jonny Bairstowc HM Nicholls b N Wagner36545066.66
c HM Nicholls b N Wagner
Stuart Broadc IS Sodhi b C Grandhomme12820150.00
c IS Sodhi b C Grandhomme
Mark Woodb C Grandhomme9142064.28
b C Grandhomme
Jack LeachNot out14201070.00
Not out
Extra12 (b 12, w 2, nb 3, lb 3)
Total352/9 (106.4 ov)
Trent Boult2858923.17
Tim Southee1946513.42
Colin de Grandhomme2629443.61
Neil Wagner22.455122.25
Ish Sodhi1104604.18
Fall of wickets: Alastair Cook - 8.4 ov,   Mark Stoneman - 46.2 ov,   James Vince - 51.6 ov,   Dawid Malan - 86.6 ov,   Joe Root - 87.2 ov,   Ben Stokes - 93.5 ov,   Stuart Broad - 95.5 ov,   Mark Wood - 99.6 ov,   Jonny Bairstow - 106.4 ov,  
Tom Lathamc JM Vince b MJ Leach8320710040.09
c JM Vince b MJ Leach
Jeet Ravalc MD Stoneman b Stuart Broad17602028.33
c MD Stoneman b Stuart Broad
Kane Williamsonc JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad01000.00
c JM Bairstow b Stuart Broad
Ross Taylorc AN Cook b MJ Leach13232056.52
c AN Cook b MJ Leach
Henry Nichollsc AN Cook b James Anderson13241054.16
c AN Cook b James Anderson
BJ Watlingc James Anderson b Mark Wood19663028.78
c James Anderson b Mark Wood
Colin de Grandhommec MJ Leach b Mark Wood45976046.39
c MJ Leach b Mark Wood
Ish SodhiNot out561689033.33
Not out
Neil Wagnerc JM Vince b JE Root7103106.79
c JM Vince b JE Root
Tim SoutheeNot out00000.00
Not out
Extra3 (b 3, w 0, nb 1, lb 2)
Total256/8 (124.4 ov)
James Anderson2683711.42
Stuart Broad2467223.00
Mark Wood22104522.04
Jack Leach32156121.90
Joe Root12.452812.21
Ben Stokes43200.50
Dawid Malan41902.25
Fall of wickets: Jeet Raval - 23.1 ov,   Kane Williamson - 23.2 ov,   Ross Taylor - 30.5 ov,   Henry Nicholls - 37.5 ov,   BJ Watling - 57.4 ov,   Tom Latham - 67.3 ov,   Colin de Grandhomme - 93.2 ov,   Neil Wagner - 124.4 ov,  

Man of the Match

Tim Southee

Match Details

30 March 2018 03:30 AM
Hagley Oval, Christchurch, Christchurch
New Zealand won the toss & elected to field
Bruce Oxenford (Australia), Marais Erasmus (South Africa)
TV Umpires
Paul Reiffel (Australia, TV)
Match Referee
Sir Richie Richardson (West Indies)