Loughborough Lightning vs Yorkshire Diamonds, 7th Match, Women's Cricket Super League 2021

Completed Women's Cricket Super League
Loughborough Lightning
93/5 (13 ov)
Yorkshire Diamonds
110/5 (13 ov)
Diamonds won by 17 runs
Chamari AtapattuNot out664092165.00
Not out
Lauren Winfieldc BA Langston b SB Odedra9102090.00
c BA Langston b SB Odedra
Sophie Devineb GA Elwiss290022.22
b GA Elwiss
Katherine Bruntrunout (KM Beams)211021210.00
runout (KM Beams)
Alice Davidson-Richardsb KM Beams120050.00
b KM Beams
Jenny Gunnb BA Langston130033.33
b BA Langston
Hollie ArmitageNot out4400100.00
Not out
Extra6 (b 6, w 5, nb 0, lb 1)
Total110/5 (13 ov)
Kristen Beams301816.00
Beth Langston302317.66
Sonia Odedra10919.00
Ellyse Perry301705.66
Rebecca Grundy1011011.00
Georgia Elwiss1015115.00
Lucy Higham1016016.00
Fall of wickets: Lauren Winfield - 3.3 ov,   Sophie Devine - 7.1 ov,   Katherine Brunt - 10.1 ov,   Alice Davidson-Richards - 10.4 ov,   Jenny Gunn - 11.2 ov,  
Amy Jonesb KH Brunt260033.33
b KH Brunt
Elyse Villanib C Atapattu691066.66
b C Atapattu
Ellyse Perrylbw b KH Brunt5310166.66
lbw b KH Brunt
Georgia Elwissc MR Walsh b C Atapattu412851146.42
c MR Walsh b C Atapattu
Thea Brookesc L Winfield b SFM Devine450080.00
c L Winfield b SFM Devine
Sonia OdedraNot out20220190.90
Not out
Sarah GlennNot out11620183.33
Not out
Extra4 (b 4, w 2, nb 1, lb 1)
Total93/5 (13 ov)
Katherine Brunt311525.00
Alice Davidson-Richards1011011.00
Jenny Gunn2027013.50
Chamari Atapattu301123.66
Sophie Devine201618.00
Katie Levick201206.00
Fall of wickets: Amy Jones - 0.6 ov,   Ellyse Perry - 2.1 ov,   Elyse Villani - 4.1 ov,   Thea Brookes - 5.3 ov,   Georgia Elwiss - 11.3 ov,  

Man of the Match

Chamari Atapattu

Match Details

18 August 2017 08:30 PM
Haslegrave Ground, Loughborough, Loughborough
Loughborough Lightning won the toss & elected to field
James Middlebrook (England), Mark Newell (England)
TV Umpires
Match Referee