Loughborough Lightning vs Southern Vipers, 5th Match, Women's Cricket Super League 2021

Completed Women's Cricket Super League
Loughborough Lightning
134/10 (20 ov)
Southern Vipers
180/2 (20 ov)
Vipers won by 46 runs
Suzie BatesNot out11972154165.27
Not out
Hayley Matthewsc EJ Villani b LF Higham12181066.66
c EJ Villani b LF Higham
Georgia Adamsrunout (TF Brookes)12130192.30
runout (TF Brookes)
Danielle WyattNot out211920110.52
Not out
Extra16 (b 16, w 10, nb 2, lb 4)
Total180/2 (20 ov)
Kristen Beams401904.75
Beth Langston1016016.00
Rebecca Grundy2028014.00
Sonia Odedra302909.66
Ellyse Perry2022011.00
Georgia Elwiss403609.00
Lucy Higham402616.50
Fall of wickets: Hayley Matthews - 9.4 ov,   Georgia Adams - 13.5 ov,  
Amy Jonesb Hayley Matthews11920122.22
b Hayley Matthews
Elyse Villanirunout (NE Farrant)1100100.00
runout (NE Farrant)
Ellyse Perryrunout (GL Adams)6100060.00
runout (GL Adams)
Georgia Elwissb SW Bates322940110.34
b SW Bates
Sonia Odedrast CE Rudd b KL George6111054.54
st CE Rudd b KL George
Thea Brookesc DN Wyatt b A Thompson241122218.18
c DN Wyatt b A Thompson
Sarah Glennrunout (M du Preez)252102119.04
runout (M du Preez)
Lucy Highamlbw b SW Bates01000.00
lbw b SW Bates
Beth Langstonc SW Bates b A Thompson3110027.27
c SW Bates b A Thompson
Kristen BeamsNot out780087.50
Not out
Rebecca Grundyst CE Rudd b SW Bates12820150.00
st CE Rudd b SW Bates
Extra7 (b 7, w 6, nb 0, lb 0)
Total134/10 (20 ov)
Tash Farrant302207.33
Linsey Smith402506.25
Hayley Matthews402917.25
Katie George201517.50
Suzie Bates301535.00
Arran Brindle402726.75
Fall of wickets: Elyse Villani - 0.4 ov,   Amy Jones - 2.4 ov,   Ellyse Perry - 4.3 ov,   Sonia Odedra - 8.6 ov,   Georgia Elwiss - 11.2 ov,   Thea Brookes - 12.6 ov,   Lucy Higham - 13.1 ov,   Beth Langston - 16.4 ov,   Sarah Glenn - 17.3 ov,   Rebecca Grundy - 19.6 ov,  

Man of the Match

Suzie Bates

Match Details

15 August 2017 07:00 PM
County Ground, Derby, Derby
Loughborough Lightning won the toss & elected to field
Martin Saggers (England), Steve O'Shaughnessy (England)
TV Umpires
Mike Burns (England, TV)
Match Referee