Ireland vs Papua New Guinea, 5th Match, Group A, ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2021

Completed ICC World Cup Qualifiers
237/6 (49.1 ov)
Papua New Guinea
235/10 (50 ov)
Ireland won by 4 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Tony Urac WTS Porterfield b KJ O'Brien151142106106.33
c WTS Porterfield b KJ O'Brien
Vani Morearunout (GH Dockrell)140025.00
runout (GH Dockrell)
Assad Valac NJ O'Brien b AR McBrine8260030.76
c NJ O'Brien b AR McBrine
Lega Siakac & b AR McBrine2150013.33
c & b AR McBrine
Sese Bauc NJ O'Brien b AR McBrine3100030.00
c NJ O'Brien b AR McBrine
Mahuru Daic NJ O'Brien b WB Rankin180012.50
c NJ O'Brien b WB Rankin
Charles Aminist NJ O'Brien b PR Stirling8200040.00
st NJ O'Brien b PR Stirling
Jack Varerunout (EC Joyce)13250052.00
runout (EC Joyce)
Chad Soperc PR Stirling b WB Rankin25400062.50
c PR Stirling b WB Rankin
Norman Vanuac EC Joyce b KJ O'Brien121001120.00
c EC Joyce b KJ O'Brien
Alei NaoNot out1100100.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 10, w 4, nb 1, lb 4)
Total235/10 (50 ov)
Tim Murtagh1003203.20
Boyd Rankin1034124.10
Andy McBrine1023833.80
George Dockrell1025005.00
Paul Stirling301615.33
Kevin O'Brien705327.57
Fall of wickets: Vani Morea - 1.1 ov,   Assad Vala - 7.2 ov,   Lega Siaka - 11.5 ov,   Sese Bau - 15.3 ov,   Mahuru Dai - 20.1 ov,   Charles Amini - 25.4 ov,   Jack Vare - 32.4 ov,   Chad Soper - 46.2 ov,   Tony Ura - 49.3 ov,   Norman Vanua - 49.6 ov,  
William Porterfieldc Charles Amini b Alei Nao11113312083.45
c Charles Amini b Alei Nao
Paul Stirlingc Lega Siaka b Assad Vala272140128.57
c Lega Siaka b Assad Vala
Andy Balbirnieb Chad Soper7250028.00
b Chad Soper
Ed Joycec Alei Nao b MD Dai53694076.81
c Alei Nao b MD Dai
Niall O'Brienlbw b Assad Vala130033.33
lbw b Assad Vala
Kevin O'Brienb Norman Vanua121200100.00
b Norman Vanua
Gary WilsonNot out12151080.00
Not out
George DockrellNot out8171047.05
Not out
Extra6 (b 6, w 4, nb 0, lb 2)
Total237/6 (49.1 ov)
Alei Nao8.103414.16
Norman Vanua1006016.00
Mahuru Dai1004114.10
Assad Vala1003923.90
Charles Amini302307.66
Chad Soper803814.75
Fall of wickets: Paul Stirling - 7.3 ov,   Andy Balbirnie - 15.3 ov,   Ed Joyce - 37.1 ov,   Niall O'Brien - 38.3 ov,   William Porterfield - 43.2 ov,   Kevin O'Brien - 44.2 ov,  

Man of the Match

Tony Ura

Match Details

06 March 2018 01:00 PM
Harare Sports Club, Harare
Ireland won the toss & elected to field
Langton Rusere (Zimbabwe), Simon Fry (Australia)
TV Umpires
Match Referee
Dev Govindjee (South Africa)