Fujairah Pacific Ventures vs Sharjah Bukhatir XI, Match 2, Emirates D20 2022

Completed Emirates D20
Fujairah Pacific Ventures
148/4 (20 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI
138/5 (20 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 10 runs.
Waseem Muhammadc Fayyaz Ahmed b Umair Ali343012113.33
c Fayyaz Ahmed b Umair Ali
Rohan Mustafac Kashif Daud b Arslan Javed39432190.70
c Kashif Daud b Arslan Javed
Usman Khanrunout (Fayyaz Ahmed / Mohammed Halan Harris)503451147.06
runout (Fayyaz Ahmed / Mohammed Halan Harris)
Sandeep Singhb Kashif Daud340075.00
b Kashif Daud
Muhammad NaeemNot out670085.71
Not out
Muhammad FarooqNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra15 (b 15, w 11, nb 0, lb 3)
Total148/4 (20 ov)
Hafeez Rahman402807.00
Kashif Daud402516.25
Arslan Javed403218.00
Umair Ali402315.75
Sayed Badiuzzama2022011.00
Mohammed Halan Harris201407.00
Fall of wickets: Waseem Muhammad - 8.4 ov,   Rohan Mustafa - 14.5 ov,   Sandeep Singh - 17.2 ov,   Usman Khan - 19.3 ov,  
Renjth Manic Usman Khan b Muhammad Farooq191930100.00
c Usman Khan b Muhammad Farooq
Khalid Shahc Lovepreet Singh b Ahmed Raza313041103.33
c Lovepreet Singh b Ahmed Raza
Fayyaz Ahmedc Lovepreet Singh b Rohan Mustafa453142145.16
c Lovepreet Singh b Rohan Mustafa
Faisal Khan Barakib Aayan Khan5120041.67
b Aayan Khan
Kashif DaudNot out222001110.00
Not out
Umair Alic Waseem Muhammad b Laqman Hazrat5500100.00
c Waseem Muhammad b Laqman Hazrat
Sayed BadiuzzamaNot out3300100.00
Not out
Extra8 (b 8, w 4, nb 0, lb 4)
Total138/5 (20 ov)
Rohan Mustafa403218.00
Laqman Hazrat403418.50
Akif Raja403308.25
Muhammad Farooq10111.00
Ahmed Raza401112.75
Aayan Khan302317.67
Fall of wickets: Renjth Mani - 6.3 ov,   Khalid Shah - 9.1 ov,   Faisal Khan Baraki - 12.6 ov,   Fayyaz Ahmed - 16.5 ov,   Umair Ali - 18.3 ov,  

Match Details

06 December 2020 06:30 PM
ICC Academy, Dubai, Dubai
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won the toss u0026 elected to field
TV Umpires
Match Referee