England Under-19s vs Zimbabwe Under-19s, 9th Place Play-off Semi-Final, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2023

Completed ICC Under-19 World Cup
England Under-19s
286/9 (50 ov)
Zimbabwe Under-19s
211/10 (40.5 ov)
England U19 won by 75 runs
Dan Mousleyb W Madhavere181730105.88
b W Madhavere
Sam Youngc Emannuel Bawa b W Madhavere22243091.66
c Emannuel Bawa b W Madhavere
Jordan Coxc Gareth Chirawu b Dylan Grant59764077.63
c Gareth Chirawu b Dylan Grant
Jack Haynesc D Myers b M Shumba12201060.00
c D Myers b M Shumba
George Hillc Gareth Chirawu b W Madhavere90936196.77
c Gareth Chirawu b W Madhavere
Joey Evisonc & b Gareth Chirawu16251064.00
c & b Gareth Chirawu
Lewis Goldsworthyrunout (Gareth Chirawu)690066.66
runout (Gareth Chirawu)
George BaldersonNot out453042150.00
Not out
Scott Currielbw b W Madhavere450080.00
lbw b W Madhavere
Blake Cullenrunout (Taurayi Tugwete)1100100.00
runout (Taurayi Tugwete)
Hamidullah QadriNot out1100100.00
Not out
Extra12 (b 12, w 10, nb 1, lb 1)
Total286/9 (50 ov)
Sakhumuzi Ndlela503106.20
Wesley Madhavere1004244.20
Milton Shumba1005215.20
Dylan Grant605318.83
Tadiwanashe Nyangani503106.20
Taurayi Tugwete702904.14
Gareth Chirawu704716.71
Fall of wickets: Dan Mousley - 3.4 ov,   Sam Young - 8.5 ov,   Jack Haynes - 16.6 ov,   Jordan Cox - 30.4 ov,   Joey Evison - 38.1 ov,   Lewis Goldsworthy - 40.3 ov,   George Hill - 47.3 ov,   Scott Currie - 49.2 ov,   Blake Cullen - 49.4 ov,  
Wesley Madhavererunout (Joey Evison)524590115.55
runout (Joey Evison)
Tadiwanashe Marumanic Lewis Goldsworthy b Scott Currie781087.50
c Lewis Goldsworthy b Scott Currie
Milton Shumbalbw b GP Balderson6510120.00
lbw b GP Balderson
Dion Myersb GP Balderson01000.00
b GP Balderson
Emannuel Bawalbw b Scott Currie31642048.43
lbw b Scott Currie
Taurayi Tugweterunout (Blake Cullen)58657089.23
runout (Blake Cullen)
Dane Schadendorflbw b Lewis Goldsworthy161521106.66
lbw b Lewis Goldsworthy
Sakhumuzi Ndlelab Hamidullah Qadri221840122.22
b Hamidullah Qadri
Gareth Chirawuc George Hill b Lewis Goldsworthy2130015.38
c George Hill b Lewis Goldsworthy
Dylan GrantNot out11511220.00
Not out
Tadiwanashe Nyanganib GP Balderson06000.00
b GP Balderson
Extra6 (b 6, w 3, nb 0, lb 2)
Total211/10 (40.5 ov)
Blake Cullen403107.75
Scott Currie504228.40
George Balderson3.502937.56
Lewis Goldsworthy1012922.90
Hamidullah Qadri1014414.40
George Hill21502.50
Dan Mousley401203.00
Joey Evison201608.00
Fall of wickets: Tadiwanashe Marumani - 3.2 ov,   Milton Shumba - 4.6 ov,   Dion Myers - 6.3 ov,   Wesley Madhavere - 13.4 ov,   Emannuel Bawa - 30.3 ov,   Taurayi Tugwete - 32.5 ov,   Dane Schadendorf - 34.6 ov,   Gareth Chirawu - 38.2 ov,   Sakhumuzi Ndlela - 39.1 ov,   Tadiwanashe Nyangani - 40.5 ov,  

Match Details

31 January 2020 01:30 PM
Diamond Oval, Kimberley, Kimberley
England Under-19s won the toss & elected to bat
Nigel Duguid (West Indies), Masudur Rahman (Bangladesh)
TV Umpires
Match Referee
Shaid Wadvalla (South Africa)