England Under-19s vs Nigeria Under-19s, 24th Match, Group B, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2023

Completed ICC Under-19 World Cup
England Under-19s
64/2 (11 ov)
Nigeria Under-19s
58/10 (27.5 ov)
England U19 won by 8 wickets (with 234 balls remaining)
Samuel Mbac Dan Mousley b George Hill7360019.44
c Dan Mousley b George Hill
Olayinka Olaleyec JM Cox b Hamidullah Qadri270028.57
c JM Cox b Hamidullah Qadri
Sulaimon Runsewec Harry Duke b GP Balderson08000.00
c Harry Duke b GP Balderson
Isaac Danladic Hamidullah Qadri b Scott Currie5120041.66
c Hamidullah Qadri b Scott Currie
Miracle Akhigbec Dan Mousley b George Hill9421021.42
c Dan Mousley b George Hill
Sylvester Okpec Dan Mousley b George Hill16391041.02
c Dan Mousley b George Hill
Abdulrahman Jimohst Harry Duke b Hamidullah Qadri9100190.00
st Harry Duke b Hamidullah Qadri
Mohameed Taiwob Hamidullah Qadri01000.00
b Hamidullah Qadri
Peter Ahoc JM Cox b George Hill280025.00
c JM Cox b George Hill
Ifeanyichukwu Ubohb Hamidullah Qadri02000.00
b Hamidullah Qadri
Rasheed AbolarinNot out02000.00
Not out
Extra8 (b 8, w 8, nb 0, lb 0)
Total58/10 (27.5 ov)
George Balderson40711.75
Scott Currie40912.25
George Hill7.521241.53
Lewis Goldsworthy52601.20
Hamidullah Qadri722443.42
Fall of wickets: Sulaimon Runsewe - 2.6 ov,   Isaac Danladi - 7.2 ov,   Samuel Mba - 10.6 ov,   Miracle Akhigbe - 21.3 ov,   Sylvester Okpe - 23.5 ov,   Abdulrahman Jimoh - 24.5 ov,   Mohameed Taiwo - 24.6 ov,   Olayinka Olaleye - 26.2 ov,   Ifeanyichukwu Uboh - 26.4 ov,   Peter Aho - 27.5 ov,  
Sam YoungNot out393352118.18
Not out
Tom Clarkc Isaac Danladi b Peter Aho111020110.00
c Isaac Danladi b Peter Aho
Jordan Coxc Sulaimon Runsewe b Rasheed Abolarin160016.66
c Sulaimon Runsewe b Rasheed Abolarin
George HillNot out7171041.17
Not out
Extra6 (b 6, w 4, nb 0, lb 2)
Total64/2 (11 ov)
Rasheed Abolarin511112.20
Peter Aho201417.00
Abdulrahman Jimoh1017017.00
Mohameed Taiwo201206.00
Sylvester Okpe10808.00
Fall of wickets: Tom Clark - 3.5 ov,   Jordan Cox - 6.1 ov,  

Man of the Match

George Hill

Match Details

25 January 2020 01:30 PM
Diamond Oval, Kimberley, Kimberley
Nigeria Under-19s won the toss & elected to bat
Adrian Holdstock (South Africa), Iknow Chabi (Zimbabwe)
TV Umpires
Match Referee
Shaid Wadvalla (South Africa)